We are a network of
South Africans

calling for very rapid decarbonisation of our society, via practices and investments that will help secure our human rights, a stable climate and sound finances. 


We want a stable climate, healthy children, clear air and water,

a switch to wind and solar energy, green jobs, stable energy costs and energy independence, honest governance, more land for food and forests, sound investments, fewer wars and quieter cities, all of which are threatened by fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal.



We work with students from Wits, Stellenbosch and UCT to campaign their universities to divest from fossil fuels, reinvest in local sustainable alternatives, and disassociate from fossil fuels that are embedded in Academia. Our Fossil Free UCT campaign successfully convinced UCT to commit to divestment in 2022! 

Asset managers

Many of us are investing in the biggest agents of climate change – fossil fuel companies. Our #InvestFossilFree campaign is trying to change that by building public support to engage with asset managers to provide fossil-fuel free investment options for the many who want them. We’ve already helped set up a low carbon fund in South Africa!

Challenging fossil fuel advertising

The fossil fuel industry relies on PR and advertising for its continued social licence to operate. We are challenging this through our Fossil Ad Ban campaign which lobbies for a progressive ban on fossil fuel advertising and branding in Cape Town, as well as our Clean Creatives South Africa campaign which asks creatives to pledge to not work for the fossil fuel industry. 

Climate And Investment Resources

We create and share resources and strategic media to further the agenda of achieving our vision. This includes our Planet A Investment guide which helps people make climate-responsible investment decisions, as well as our Climate Reporting Guide which helps journalists responsibly report on the climate crisis.  


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